Ideal for ‘Baby Showers’ or as a special gift for moms-to-be, body painting during pregnancy can be fun and meaningful. It’s a nice way to commemorate and celebrate motherhood.


I like to make personalized designs, so I always ask the mother what is or has been particularly important for her, either during pregnancy or before. While the session is being done, a feeling of relaxation and deep connection with the baby is created; in fact, in many occasions we can see the baby move to the rhythm of the brush strokes, since it produces a very pleasant stimulation.


The session of belly painting lasts between 2h to 2h30min, always depending on the design to be made, and is done at home. The best time to do it is between the 6th and 8th month of pregnancy, since the tummy has a more rounded shape, and the future mother will not feel as heavy as in the last weeks.


I use the best water-based paints, cosmetic raw materials and hypoallergenic according to European directives and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Agency of the United States), made with natural ingredients and without harmful chemicals that irritate the skin.


* Simple steps for easy belly paint removal:

  1. Use liquid or bar soap with a few drops of water.
  2. Massage painted area with fingertips until a muddy consistency is formed.
  3. Use a wet wipe, makeup remover wipes or moisten paper towel to wipe away the paint.
  4. Rinse belly with warm water.

Repeat steps #1 — #4, if necessary.


A fun, unique and memorable experience!