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I do face painting, ballon twisting and glitter tattoos training courses and workshops to individuals, associations, foundations, public and private entities, hotels, and animation companies. These are trainings that I have done to date:


  • 10/2016 – Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. In October 2016, I traveled to Tenerife to train the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife’s miniclub entertainers in balloon twisting and face painting. The chief animation, Maximilian Stahl, hired me to teach them some rock and cool designs, as well as his famous Hard Rock Roxtars face paint designs. It was a very funny experience!

  • 02/2017 Pèls i Pelets
  • 03-06/2017 Projecte PassworkBetween April and June 2017, I carried out a fantasy makeup training for young people from the Personal Image Itinerary Walkwork Project. A project aimed at young people at risk of social and employment exclusion.

  • 07/2018 Plus Arts