Temporary glitter tattoos are a clear winner at birthday parties, especially among girls and young lovers of glitter, colors and all the sparkling. It’s a fun way to surprise your guests, especially in the summer season!


My products are perfectly safe as I use hypoallergenic materials as well as using special ultra fine cosmetic glitters and cosmetic glue to make sure that their skin is safe at all timesThese tattoos are suitable for all age groups, but I do not recommend using them in children under 3 years of age.


Glitter Tattoos are waterproof and can last 3-5 days, however, harsh or excessive rubbing/ scrubbing, alcohol, oil or lotion application in the area of your glitter tattoo and regular use of chlorinated swimming pools will diminish the tattoo.


* Glitter tattoo removal instructions:

  1. Use alcohol swabs. You can also use lotion or any oil based product.
  2. Massage around the area to make sure that the area is smooth and lubricated already.
  3. Let it soak for 10 minutes before your scrub.
  4. Remove with a washcloth.
  5. Wash the area with soap and warm water.

Are you ready to sparkle?